A vintage Borujerd rug. No- 172390 (182x156cm)

The weavers of Borujerd, where this rug came from, are predominantly female, as are many weavers in other villages. However, the name woven into the rug is "Morad," a Persian word meaning "wish" and typically a man's name. This presents a thought-provoking paradox for viewers 70 years after the rug's creation. Such mysteries add depth and intrigue to rugs like this. Was "Morad" a manifestation of the weaver's "wish" for her three daughters' happiness, whom she skillfully depicted on the rug? Could the figure at the top with the boiling pots represent the weaver herself? Why might the world around her seem less complicated than that of her daughters? What did she want to express by leaving a distance between her and the children? Or could "Morad" be her husband's name? What would your interpretation be?

Hand-knotted | Wool on a cotton base.