A Vintage carpet, Circa 1930s, No. 801211 383 x301cm

The geometric design of this antique Persian Tabriz results from an interesting cultural exchange between weavers and designers of the large ancient city of Tabriz and the surrounding villages. Carpet weaving in the area is a tradition that dates back for centuries. The region is significant for the wealth of designs that the weavers of the villages and designers of Tabriz have either adopted or created over the ages. The pattern of this rug, initially drafted by a designer and then passed to skilled weavers to materialize, is most probably taken and transformed from the weavings of artisans from one of the villages in the area.

The passage of time has muted the madder red of the field and other colours and reduced the pile to expose the cotton structure, resulting in an amazing texture and harmonious colours. Such a rug could enhance the aesthetics and sophistication of a room. Carpets like these are among the most conversational pieces, capable of narrating their beautiful stories to those interested in the language of colours and motifs.