A vintage Tabriz Persian Carpet No. 600684-287x185cm

Tabriz stands as one of the most pivotal cities in the realm of carpet making, boasting a lineage of carpet designers renowned for their unparalleled creativity. These designers, free-spirited artists, eschew conformity to any singular style. Consequently, their rugs serve as canvases that offer interpretations of ancient myths, cultural heritage, folkloric tales, and the natural world.
Notably hardwearing, these rugs owe their durability partly to the robustness of the asymmetric knotting technique favoured by Tabriz weavers. They also employ firm and resilient threads for warp and weft, further enhancing their longevity.
The carpet showcased here exemplifies these qualities. While meticulously crafted to survive and shine after nearly a century, its design maintains a subtle allure, contributing to a captivating interplay of texture and aesthetic appeal.