An antique Afshar rug, No. 163230-208x168cm

"Rich" is the first word that comes to mind upon beholding this striking tribal rug. Its allure captures your attention, revealing a depth far beyond its surface. This rug mesmerizes, retaining its vibrance even after a hundred years, embodying beauty that time has not dimmed.

The wool gleams, soft and inviting, with beautifully harmonized natural-source colours. This carpet, enduring through a century, promises to last another, carrying the legacy of love and passion from the tribal girl who crafted it, likely for her beloved.

The Afshar tribes, from which this rug's creator came, have a history as fascinating as the rug's vibrant colours and intricate designs. This rug carries an ineffable quality, a testament to its rich heritage. It invites those who possess it to explore the deep history of the land and the people from which it originates.

This exquisite Afshar Kuhi rug stands in perfect condition, a testament to the weaver's artistry, the ancestral wisdom in spinning and dyeing wool, and the creative spirit that brought its patterns to life from memory.