An antique "Khosrow and Shirin" rug, Circa 1930s. No-171113 (205x115cm)

The rich Persian literature has inspired many tribal weavers to create some of the most astonishing rugs, such as this charming Ferdows Baluch (circa mid-19th century). The weaver, most probably a young Baluch girl, has tastefully depicted a love story that Persian poet Nezami Ganjavi versified in the 12th century AD. The poem is about a tragic love triangle involving the Sassanid King Khossrow II, The Armenian princess Shirin and Farhad, a poor mason. The story is a popular and fascinating tale that elders often recite to their grandchildren. In the era that this rug was created and even now, the story resonates with the lives of many young girls whose lives were/are entangled in long tentacles of old traditions and dogmas.