An antique Khoy Persian rug No. 600716-324x217cm

Some rugs, like this antique Khoy rug, possess a mesmerizing quality that captivates one's attention and holds it captive. They wield the power to hypnotize the beholder, transporting them to an alternate realm. To truly grasp such an effect, one must delve into the psychology behind these rugs and the minds of those who crafted them.

Originating from the ancient land adjacent to the eastern borders of Mapacepotemia, known as the land of fire, which corresponds to present-day Azerbaijan, once the kingdom of Atropatan circa 323 BC, this rug embodies a profound cultural heritage deeply ingrained in the collective memory of its weavers. This deeply rooted culture reveals itself through ancient archetypes, symbolisms, and motifs interwoven into the fabric of the rug.

The rug boasts a remarkable medallion, reminiscent of a mandala blossoming like a flower emerging from the plants adorning both ends of the rug. The leaves and half-blooms rising from the same plants within the rug appear to converge towards the center, gravitating towards the full-bloom, symbolizing completeness. The border features smaller flowers, evoking a sense of reverence towards the central motif.

This rug not only stimulates the mind but also piques curiosity for history and culture, sparking meaningful conversations. It transcends mere decoration, becoming a companion that enriches your space, uplifts your mood, and adds depth to the meaning of interior design, all while narrating captivating stories of its own.