An antique Malayer Rug, Number 5012-194x145cm

One can almost hear the roaring of the lionesses confined and frustrated within the corners of the rug, together with the peahens, while the Lions and peacocks freely roam the vast field of this antique Malayer rug. How could a woman protest louder against discrimination over 150 years ago in her conservative society?

Some rugs are incredible for the messages they carry through the ages within their symbols and motifs. The rug here is a superb example of such an extraordinary genre of carpets, relaying the feelings of the weaver who tastefully created this rug in the mid-19th century. 

This is a highly collectable rug. It is a superb artistic piece that stands out for the weaver's power in expressing her feelings and the audacity with which she has demonstrated a personal and sociological complex, that of discrimination and injustice.

The weavers of such village rugs use woollen yarn to make neat knots on a base of cotton using cotton warps. It is in perfect condition.