An antique Sultanabad rug No. 600628-346x235

The maturing process for handmade carpets like the one presented here is profound. These carpets are exceptionally durable, and it takes decades of wear to expose the warp and weft gradually. This natural wearing down cannot be artificially induced; instead, it unfolds over time through regular use, influenced by various factors in a somewhat unpredictable manner. 

The Sultanabad carpet showcased here is truly a marvellous piece. Dating back to the early 20th century, it epitomizes a genre of rugs that Ziglar and Co, a German company based in the UK, produced in workshops around 1883 in Sultanabad. These rugs, characterized by their allover patterns, muted colours, and large stylized flowers, were highly sought after in Europe.

This piece seamlessly complements contemporary settings, adding a layer of cultural richness and inner charm to any space. Its harmonious colour combination, pleasant patina, and interesting texture make it a remarkable addition to the modern and classic ambience. Furthermore, it is an intriguing conversation piece, inviting discussions about the history and historical circumstances surrounding its creation.