An old Qashghai carpet, ca. 1930s, 79094-(314x208cm)

Breaking away from convention is no easy feat, so a carpet enthusiast becomes excited when encountering an exceptional piece like the Qashghai rug showcased here. Such carpets are a testament to the free spirit of a rebellious weaver who has cast aside constraints and allowed her soul to dance freely upon the weft threads. In such cases, carpets transcend utility and transform into an art form, serving as a medium through which the weaver expresses her emotions.

Simultaneously, the ancient culture embedded in her subconscious leaves its mark through motifs traced back to millennia-old symbols, such as the eight-pointed star, the Star of Ishtar, a symbol of the goddess of sexuality, love, and thus fertility.

This particular carpet is the creation of a young Qashghai girl who utilized the finest quality wool, that of her own family, dyed by her own hand using plant materials collected during her travels in search of fresh pastures.