Islands of calm, a modern hand-knotted rug, No. 850211 427x303cm

This exquisite handwoven rug, with its serene two-tone palette, is a testament to the art of minimalistic design. It draws inspiration from the traditional Baudin weavings of North Africa. Crafted with handspun wool, its weaving technique creates a captivating texture that is both simple and profound. The gentle interplay of its dual hues emanates a calming effect, making it not just a decorative piece but a sanctuary of tranquillity for any room.

Ideal for contemporary spaces, its neutral colours and understated design ensure it complements a wide range of interiors. Whether it’s the focal point of a minimalist setting or a harmonious addition to a more eclectic decor, this rug promises to blend seamlessly, adding a touch of elegance and calm to any environment.

Wool on a cotton base.