Sand and blue, (Alp 2401ex 101-648)

This rug is a modern piece, tastefully designed in limited colours, with highlights of navy and turquoise to introduce a sense of serenity and calm into contemporary interiors.

This beautiful carpet results from over a decade of dedicated effort to achieve a harmonious fusion of technology and traditional craftsmanship. The weaving process occurs on vintage machines, carefully modified to operate slowly and gently, ensuring the integrity of in-house spun wool yarn.

The rug's yarn is dyed artisanally in our facility in small batches, producing beautiful and nuanced hues. This method infuses the carpet with a distinctive variation in tones, known as "abrash," typical of handmade rugs, enhancing its unique charm and character.

After the weaving process is complete, the meticulous hand-finishing stage begins. Each piece is subject to a thorough washing process with two cycles, enhancing its lustre and softening the wool and bamboo silk fibres, leading to a magnificent shimmer. Once washed, these carpets are carefully hand-carved and meticulously finished to ensure a perfect appearance.

Materials used to create this rug include wool, bamboo silk, cotton, and jute. Each of these materials contributes to the rug's overall quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a product of exceptional craftsmanship and beauty.

*Alp 2401ex 101-648