Persian Collage (patchwork rug) No. 513344 203x145cm

This exquisite carpet is crafted from fragments of old Qashghai and Lori tribal rugs, each carrying a rich history and unique charm.

We proudly pioneered the production of Persian Collage circa 2005, igniting tremendous interest in markets worldwide that continue to thrive to this day.

Our rugs are meticulously crafted from salvaged pieces of old and antique handmade Persian rugs, rescued from a state of disrepair and transformed into stunning works of art.

Our team regularly selects and purchases these rugs, ensuring only the finest quality for our creations. Our professional washing and repair staff expertly salvage and restore the functional fragments, preparing them for the creative process.

The true magic begins as we tastefully match and select each piece for every Persian Collage, artfully arranging them together to achieve a harmonious composition. Overdyeing is vital in this process, infusing the rugs with a modern look and vibrant energy that enlivens any space they adorn.

At the heart of our work lies a commitment to glamourous and artistic aesthetics, achieved through a delicate balance of contrast and harmony. Unlike commercial patchworks that take shortcuts, such as simply joining together stripes, we take pride in crafting each Persian collage rug as a unique artistic creation, ensuring that it radiates with individuality and beauty.