Safavid Legend, A classic Persian rug.

This stunning rug boasts a refined and intricate classic "Shah Abbasi" pattern that will impress anyone who sees it. The exceptional detail achieved by using nearly 4.5 million pile tips per square meter sets this rug apart and speaks volumes about the level of care that went into creating the design.

Drafting a pattern of this complexity requires the designer to define approximately 2.25 million pixels per square meter, a tedious and painstaking task that requires exceptional skill and attention to detail. But after months of dedicated effort, the result is a beautifully produced rug that resembles a true masterpiece.

The rug's exquisite design, attention to detail, and soothing colours make it the most decorative and elegant piece, fitting any space. Its quality and refinement are a testament to the designer's exceptional skill and unwavering dedication to their craft.

This rug invites anyone to appreciate the intricacy and beauty of its design, and its exquisite quality and refinement make it a truly exceptional addition to any home or space.

Woven of state-of-the-art machinery using acrylic pile, cotton, and jute foundation. These carpets are made to last for decades, maintaining their beauty and colours. The rug is washable and easy to maintain. The pile is almost stain-proof and easy to clean.